Extra features

This is an overview of some of the functionalities we added more recently. Examples are included in the training section.

CSV file output

The -–csv option added to the command line will output the query results in a csv file. Rather than getting only the files path, it will list all the available attributes. This currently works with the –-local and –remote options, it does not yet work for the standard search.

The csv file name will be <project>_query.csv .

Query summary option

The -–stats option added to the command line will print a summary of the query results Currently it prints the following:

  • total number of models, followed by their names
  • total number of unique model-ensembles/members combinations
  • number of models that have N ensembles/members, followed by their names

–stats works when –local or –remote are specified but not with the default query

Citations list option

The –cite option added to the command line will create a file containing the citations of all the datasets returned by the query. It retrieves the citation information from the DKRZ WDCC server (https://cera-www.dkrz.de/WDCC). This provides citation information only for CMIP6, so this flag is only available with the cmip6 sub-command. Currently is only available when running clef with the –local or –remote flags. The citation lists is saved in a file calledd cmip_citations.txt in the working directory.

Errata and esdoc

There is some work in progress to add functionalities to interact with the ESDOC and the Errata ESGF systems. For the moment these are available only using clef interactively and not via the command line.